[Haskell-cafe] Tutorial for using the state monad or a better suggestion?

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Feb 22 13:53:51 EST 2008

> So the reason I keep pinging the list so much of late is I'm currently
> writing a GLUT program to visualize a heirarchical clustering of
> 18,000+ protein-protein interaction pairs (and associated
> gene-ontology terms).  Thanks for the help on reading CSVs, those who
> wrote me back...  my program intitializes and displays its first image
> within 6 seconds, about 10 times faster and in 10 times less memory
> than the Java program the guy was using.

Wonderful. I'm glad you're making progress. Be sure to lean on the
friendly Haskell "consultants" of -cafe@ for help as you need it.

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