[Haskell-cafe] Response to unexpected doubt in haskell-cafe (was: Doubting Haskell)

Albert Y. C. Lai trebla at vex.net
Sat Feb 16 18:01:42 EST 2008

Alan Carter wrote:
>   if((fp = fopen(...)) != NULL)
>   {
>     if(fgets(...) != NULL)
>     {
>       printf(...);
>     }
>     fclose(...)
>   }

This reminds me of a 1976 article written by David Parnas and Harald 
Würges: Response to undesired events in software systems. Since it's 
old, it is harder to find, but here are a few things to try:

If you have download privilege on ACM Digital Library,

(If not, you can still see the full citation, the abstract, etc.)

The paper is also collected in this book full of Parnas's papers:
Software Fundamentals: collected papers by David L. Parnas. Edited by 
Daniel M. Hoffman and David M. Weiss.

Someone else made slides to present this paper:

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