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Subject: [pdxfunc] pdxfunc meeting: Monday, February 11, 7pm, CubeSpace
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Join us at the next meeting of pdxfunc, the Portland Functional
Programming Study Group. We'll have presentations, demos and
discussions. We welcome programmers interested in all functional
languages and our meetings have content for coders of all skill levels.
If interested, please also subscribe to our mailing list at


(1) Kevin Scaldeferri: Effortless Concurrent Programming with Erlang

Abstract: Erlang is a dynamic functional programming language designed
for concurrent programming. After a quick introduction to the syntax and
primitives, we'll dive into some code to see example of how you can
easily write programs that take advantage of multiple CPUs, and that
even scale effortlessly to clusters of machines. (You are highly
encouraged to download and install Erlang from
http://erlang.org/download.html before the meeting.)

Speaker: Kevin Scaldeferri has spent the last 6 years building
high-volume, high-reliability systems at Yahoo. His interests include
programming languages, the interaction between online and real-life
communities, and techniques for making the development process more
reliable, more successful, and more fun.

(2) Tim Chevalier: Towards a GraphicsMagick Binding for Haskell

Abstract: I will discuss my work in progress on implementing a Haskell
Foreign Function Interface (FFI) binding for the C-based GraphicsMagick
image manipulation library. I will introduce portions of the FFI through
examples, as well as tools for simplifying FFI use. I will also explain
how I have begun to use Haskell's type system to develop a simplified
yet equally powerful interface (as compared to the C version) to the
GraphicsMagick library. Given the ongoing nature of my work, I will
conclude by soliciting comments on what *you* would like to see in a
Haskell image manipulation library.

Speaker: Tim Chevalier is a PhD student at Portland State University,
where he thinks about alternative back-ends for Haskell and languages
like it. He has been programming in Haskell for seven years, the first
six of which he spent trying to understand monads.

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