[Haskell-cafe] SPJ on the radio (at .NET Rocks :)

Daniil Elovkov daniil.elovkov at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 3 13:40:19 EST 2008

It's great to see that Haskell and FP gains more and more visibility.

One very little comment, continuing on the topic of mathematical schools 
and traditions:
Shönfinkel was not a German mathematician, but a Soviet one (he was 
Jewish, of course).

Taking into account the fact that he already worked before 1917, he can 
also be called Russian mathematician, probably.

And also Ukrainian, since he seems to have been born in Ukraine.

Don Stewart wrote:
> Simon talks about laziness, purity and other FP concepts
> to some .NET guys. Simon starts 7minutes 20seconds in.
>     http://www.dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?ShowNum=310
> Good work Simon!
> -- Don
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