[Haskell-cafe] Cabal, GHC, FFI and Visual Studio on Windows

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at worc.ox.ac.uk
Sat Feb 2 10:08:16 EST 2008

On Fri, 2008-02-01 at 11:42 +0000, Magnus Therning wrote:
> Is it possible to get Cabal to use 'cl' (Microsoft's C/C++ compiler
> shipped with Visual Studio Express)?

The problem is to get GHC to use 'cl'. That's a longer term project that
GHC HQ are interested in. There's something about it on the GHC dev wiki
I think. Don't hold your breath.

> I've found the Wiki page on using Visual Studio to create a DLL, then
> convert it to a .a file so that GHC can consume it.  I'd rather skip
> using Visual Studio to build things and just ship a Cabalised package.

You can create .dlls without using VS of course, if that's what you're
trying to do.


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