[Haskell-cafe] ANN: gitit-0.4.1, recaptcha-0.1

John MacFarlane jgm at berkeley.edu
Wed Dec 31 23:46:53 EST 2008

I'm pleased to announce the release of gitit-0.4.1, which I've just
uploaded to HackageDB.  Gitit is a wiki program that stores pages in
a git repostory.

Gitit now has support for (optional) captchas, using the reCAPTCHA
service. I've packaged up the reCAPTCHA code as a separate library on
HackageDB, recaptcha.

Upgrading from older versions of gitit:

The format of gitit's user database has changed. (gitit now generates a
new random salt for each user, instead of using a single static salt for
all users.) Unfortunately, this means that current users of gitit (yes,
all seven of you) will have to delete your gitit-users file and have
your users create new accounts.  Sorry about the breaking change, but
better now than later.

When you upgrade, you'll also need to delete the _local directory,
since changes have been made to the data structure that holds the
application state.  This shouldn't have any ill effects, since
everything of lasting importance (users, pages) is stored elsewhere.

If you use a configuration file, or if you want to start using reCAPTCHA
(which requires a configuration file), you will also have to add fields
for the captcha system. See data/SampleConfig.hs for the format.


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