[Haskell-cafe] Data.List.sort, not so good?

Bayley, Alistair Alistair.Bayley at invesco.com
Mon Dec 29 10:43:02 EST 2008

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> I don't consider myself to be a very advanced Haskell 
> programmer, but  
> I could come up with a Mergesort that beats List.sort, time- and  
> spacewise.
>  > http://hpaste.org/13403
> On my machine List.sort takes ~10 sec, mergeSort 7, qs 4 (compiled  
> with -O2). List.sort eats too much ram to sort 20.000.000 ints, my  
> algorithms don't.
> QuickCheck says my implementations are correct.

Your single module might be benefiting from optimisation; specifically,
specialisation to Ints, which would allow the dictionary lookup to be
removed. Can you get the same performance if you move your mergeSort &
qs functions into a separate module, and only export mergeSort & qs?

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