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John Van Enk vanenkj at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 19:55:16 EST 2008

I want to group them with Network functions because traditionally
these specific
functions *are* in networking packages.

On *nix systems, the prototypes reside in <netinet/in.h>. On Windows they
reside in <winsock2.h> and one must link against libws2_32.

The package I have locally supports all platforms. It just does a foreign
import of the function (and uses a preprocessor definition to pick the
calling convention).

One could make an argument to add these sorts of functions to Word and Int


On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 7:14 PM, Chris Kuklewicz <
haskell at list.mightyreason.com> wrote:

> Are these going to be available on Windows or just Posix systems?
> And these are NOT performing network communication.  They are bit
> manipulations.
> I could imagine putting them in/under the Data.Word or Data.Bits more than
> Network.*
> And they should also be made to work with the corresponding Foreign.C.Types
> of CShort, etc.
> John Van Enk wrote:
>> While working on a project, I discovered that hton[sl] and ntoh[sl] are
>> missing from the networking libraries. It appears there was some
>> justification for this, but I've fallen upon a few instances where things
>> were *not* working as expected. (Specifically when newtype'ing around
>> HostAddress.)
>> As such, I'm putting together a few extra functions that I think should
>> exist in Network somewhere. I'm calling the package Network.Util (but am
>> open to changes).
>> Currently this only has:
>>    * htons
>>    * htonl
>>    * ntohs
>>    * ntohl
>> Before I drop this on hackage:
>>   1. Is there a reason I shouldn't do this?
>>   2. Are there other suggestions for missing functions? (preferably
>>      cross-platform suggestions)
>> Thanks all.
>> /jve
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