[Haskell-cafe] Logos of Other Languages

Ashley Yakeley ashley at semantic.org
Fri Dec 19 03:10:37 EST 2008

I browsed around a bit for logos from other languages...

The "snake pair" is visually interesting while still remaining simple. 
The typeface is unusual and yet clean and humanistic. The logo is only 
slightly marred by the "TM". Overall, elegant and appealing. A.

This is actually more of a heading than a logo: it continues to the 
right edge of the page to close the oval. The typeface is readable, but 
the text is a bit verbose, spelling out "The Caml Language" with a 
visual nod to its ML roots. B+.

An ordinary book typeface with an ordinary picture of an ordinary ruby. 
And the strapline "A Programmer's Best Friend" is vague and uninspired. 
Bland, but at least inoffensive. C.

I'm not sure if this is "the Perl logo" or "O'Reilly's Perl logo", but 
it's ugly, busy, difficult to read and a bit obscure. The title 
"PROGRAMMING REPUBLIC OF" also lends an air of snotty pretension. D.

Apple Dylan
Arty, abstract, vaguely Hermitian, but a bit corporate. Easy to make a 
website favicon from, but the actual word "Dylan" is not strictly 
included. A-.

All of these get one thing right that the current and most of the 
proposed Haskell logos do not: they don't make any reference to the 
syntax of the language itself. Doing so seems to miss the point of a 
logo: it's supposed to appeal visually, rather than semantically. So I'd 
like to see some submissions that don't use lambdas.

Ashley Yakeley
Seattle, WA

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