[Haskell-cafe] Time for a new logo?

wman 666wman at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 09:48:36 EST 2008

> That's the kind of mentality I am talking about. The "we are better
> than you" mentality, should stay with the Java and .NET people. If you
> have this urge of feeling superior and believe haskell-hacking is some
> kind of achievement..... .

Well, you are what many call "person who just can't take a joke". I'ts no
about being better, it's abot that without curiosity and determination there
is no space for embetterment.

And would you object to it even if I rephrased it slightly (so even those
used to seeing superiority all around them would feel comfortable) :

Who cares about people who are afraid of discovering new stuff, who when
they don't understand something rather than delving into it with pleasure
just cover their eyes and start shouting "I don't wanna know, I don't wanna
know" (or even better: "I already know _EVERYTHING_ i will ever need", or
the most favorite one "Don't tell me how it works, just tell me what i
should do").

> Haskell is a tool like any other, it's the ideas you manifest by it
> that are important. And of course the way you do it. The logo should
> be attractive; fire sparks of curiosity, represent what haskell is,
> capture the essence of haskell.

To me, new, unknown things are attractive (not that they might not turn
disgusting ;-) ...
And how do you capture the essence of math ? How do you, through a logo,
tell someone that most of it's elegance comes from the fact that it's
derived straight from the laws/rules that governs everything else ?
Lambda _and_ a gray-bearded old fart sitting on a cloudlet, with a keyboard
plugged into one of the earths poles ???

> Ps: This is no flame, I am making a point. If you feel this is a
> flame; then I must apologize for the harsh tone.

Oh, I've read that after finishing the reply. Ok, substract some irony from
mine ;-)
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