[Haskell-cafe] Re: Time for a new logo?

Regis Saint-Paul regis.saint-paul at create-net.org
Wed Dec 17 05:39:05 EST 2008

> >>>
> >>> Any critiques/suggestions? I'm thinking about a second version that
> more
> >>> obviously defines the second '>' with color from the bottom-right part
> of the
> >>> lambda.
> >>>
> >>> Jeff Wheeler
> >>>
> >>> [1]: http://media.nokrev.com/junk/haskell-logos/logo1.png
> >>> [2]: http://media.nokrev.com/junk/haskell-logos/logo2.png
> >> I like the first version better. :) I'd suggest making the lambda/arrow
> >> a bit straighter and beefing up the size of the equals in relation to
> >> the rest of the symbol :)
> >
> > I also like the first better. If the equals was ever so slightly wider,
> > it would be absolutely perfect.
> The first is real nice.

The [1] is really nice and I would love to see other variations with the
wider equal and a bit more rounded edges as was proposed by others. Also the
long bar of the lambda may be slightly rounded (as an integral sign), maybe
just at the bottom part to avoid disturbing the >>. That would make the logo
less military too. 

As an answer to the critics that referring to the monad would be elitist, I
think this it is a non-issue since someone unfamiliar with Haskell would
judge the logo purely on its graphical appeal. 

For me, the criteria of a good logo are: 
* Simplicity
* Graphically pleasant
* Do not degrade too much if printed in black and white vs. color or when
resized to icon size. The fact it can be rendered in ascii-art is even

The relation to the topic is quiet optional (hence all the
"cute-animal-based" logo). It is however welcomed when it doesn't hurt the
design (as in [1]). By comparison, the current logo performs very badly on
all these criteria. 

-Regis Saint-Paul

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