[Haskell-cafe] Missing comment highlighting in vim syntax script

Arthur van Leeuwen arthurvl at cs.uu.nl
Mon Dec 15 05:51:25 EST 2008

On 14 dec 2008, at 19:04, Claus Reinke wrote:

>> The Haskell syntax script for vim mentions this mailing list as the
>> maintainer. Perhaps one of you could fix this bug.
>> Comments on the same line as import declarations don't get  
>> highlighted:
> I don't know how this list-as-maintainer idea is going to work,
> but the fix seems straightforward: find the line in $VIMRUNTIME/ 
> syntax/haskell.vim that says
>   syn match hsImport  "\<import\>.*"he=s+6 contains=hsImportMod
> and change it to
>   syn match hsImport  "\<import\>.*"he=s+6  
> contains=hsImportMod,hsLineComment,hsBlockComment
> See :help syn-contains.

Good fix. Have also modified my copy and forwarded the patch to
the vim maintainer.

With kind regards, Arthur van Leeuwen.


Arthur van Leeuwen
arthurvl at cs.uu.nl

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