[Haskell-cafe] Time for a new logo?

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Mon Dec 15 02:49:29 EST 2008

"J. Garrett Morris" <jgmorris at cecs.pdx.edu> writes:

>>> Nice.  For some more hubris, replace 'A' with 'The'.

>> I had the very same thought :)

> It certainly wouldn't do to let, say, the existence of Concurrent
> Clean get in the way of our self-promotion.

Well, they get to make T-shirts with "Clean - the /other/ purely
functional language".

Seriously though - thet text can be interpreted as Haskell, the purely
functional language to distinguish it from Haskell, the county in
Texas, or Haskell, the Indian Nations University....or for that matter
Haskell, the logician. 

To avoid any hard feelings, I suggest either putting "Haskell the
logician" (with a picture of same) on the back of the shirt, or
replacing the text with just "purely functional" or similar.

At any rate, "A" is to weak, and suggests just one of the crowd.

If I haven't seen further, it is by standing in the footprints of giants

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