[Haskell-cafe] Re: Dr Dobbs: Time to get good at functionalprogramming

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Mon Dec 8 19:18:25 EST 2008

> > For this purpose, the only thing better is if we could somehow
> > get them to mention Microsoft everywhere they mention Haskell.
> > Any actual explaining would just get in the way :)
> Doesn't quite work without explaining, because one would have
> to be very careful not to mis-represent financial support by some
> as endorsement by the whole; but if one were to ask those who
> have contributed financially to Haskell development in some form
> or other for their permissions, one could make quite an interesting 
> little list (not to mention the vastly larger list of people who have
> contributed their time, efforts, and ideas).
> There have been occasional discussions of language-specific or
> FP-in-general industry consortiums. Perhaps the simpler form
> of "Haskell sponsorship" with mutual bragging rights for haskell.org
> and sponsor could be a seed corn for such organisations. These
> days, being associated with FP is no longer something that needs
> explaining, let alone defending, so sponsors could get something
> out of their contribution, such as cute little logos, tea-cups and 
> t-shirts (apart from the prime motive of better Haskell;-). 
> Imagine all the students that universities could attract by being a 
> "Haskell campus", not just turning out "Haskell engineers", but 
> "supporting Haskell development" by contributing staff time. 
> Imagine all the competent developers and major customers 
> companies could attract by being a "Haskell sponsor", being 
> actively involved in "Haskell frontline development&research".
> Imagine all those pretty Haskell logos on all those webpages.

I suggest any industrial group interested in an Industrial Haskell
Group please contact Andy Adams-Moran at Galois. Things are in the
pipeline, and the more participants the better.

-- Don

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