[Haskell-cafe] Dr Dobbs: Time to get good at functional programming

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sun Dec 7 14:05:57 EST 2008

> jason.dusek:
> >   Too bad they didn't pimp Haskell as practical.
> It looked like an archaic view of Haskell based on reading wikipedia,
> imo. Perhaps we should take charge of the wikipedia page, if it is that
> influential.

To those reading, the wikipedia article is here,


Feel free to improve it. We have lots of good content about the current
state of the language, compilers, libraries, applications, domains of
use, size of community, commercial use and so on on haskell.org, so just
apply what you know.

Perhaps we can get a better article out of this that more accurately
reflects the thousands of people reading this list and using Haskell,
the thounsand or so libraries, our excellent optimizing compiler, and
the broad range of apps being produced.

-- Don

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