[Haskell-cafe] Dr Dobbs: Time to get good at functional programming

Tim Wawrzynczak inforichland at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 13:49:39 EST 2008

Amen to that.  People who haven't really given a fair look at functional
langauges (Haskell in particular) seem to have a very poor conception of
them.  Again, this seems to especially be a problem with Haskell (i.e., the
whole "monads are hard" thing)... If this is where people are getting their
information from, it would definitely behoove the Haskell community to
update its image to further Haskell and FP in general :)

On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 12:11 PM, Don Stewart <dons at galois.com> wrote:

> jason.dusek:
> >   Too bad they didn't pimp Haskell as practical.
> It looked like an archaic view of Haskell based on reading wikipedia,
> imo. Perhaps we should take charge of the wikipedia page, if it is that
> influential.
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