[Haskell-cafe] Compilers

Jules Bean jules at jellybean.co.uk
Tue Dec 2 08:34:45 EST 2008

John Meacham wrote:
> I never was opposed to a cabal 'target' for jhc. I have 'make dist'
> 'make dist-rpm' and hopefully 'make msi' soon, adding a 'make
> dist-hackage' alongside is not a bad thing, however, it is if it
> complicates the standard build or comes to dominate development effort
> or can't be done without duplication of functionality.

My understanding is that you can have a .cabal file which merely 
specifies the dependency information and metadata, but delegates all the 
actual building to your existing configure and make infrastructure.

It could then be entirely ignored (by someone who chose to type 
./configure && make) but it would still work for someone who wanted to 
use cabal (using the metadata to get any dependencies, and then 
thereafter using the make-based build).

Is this not a good path for a project like JHC?


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