[Haskell-cafe] Moving the messages for compiler to another file?

nml arumakanil at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 05:56:06 EST 2008

How about moving the messages for compiler to an additional file?

My motivation is that we often face a trade-off between
aesthetical(elegant code) and practical(efficient code).
Like pragmas and strictness annotations, I often feel they make the
source code ugly.
They don't affect the semantics of our programs, do they?

Some people would say this beautifying should be accomplished by an
editor, like hiding/showing option for those information.

But such separation has additional benefits.
For instance, making the source code more compiler-independent.
(yeah, this is not the case with language-extensions)
And we avoid dispersing those information among our lines. (or even files)
In some cases, it would be convenient.

I'm not sure if this idea is reasonable, reachable or just naive.

Best regards

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