[Haskell-cafe] ANN: "Real World Haskell", now shipping

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Mon Dec 1 11:07:55 EST 2008

Don Stewart wrote:

> Very curious. Did you file a bug report with the maintainers of the 30+
> database packages on hackage?
> Or did you not have the underlying database drivers installed?
> Did you make any attempt to contact the authors to determine the cause
> of your problem?

Incidentally, with my HDBC maintainer hat on, I can state:

1) That I have no Windows development machines myself;

2) That Windows people are using HDBC and HDBC-ODBC;

3) I actively try to maintain all of my packages in a
cross-platform-friendly manner (except those that are really tied to one
platform, such as HSH)

4) Windows users actively send me patches if something breaks, and these
are readily applied.

I don't think this state of affairs is unique in the Haskell world.
Some people use Linux, Mac, or Windows as their main development box,
but pretty much everybody tries to support all platforms.

Incidentally, Andrew Coppin (CCd on this thread already) is one of those
that has sent me patches.

-- John

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