[Haskell-cafe] Combining licences

Emil Axelsson emax at chalmers.se
Mon Dec 1 04:43:19 EST 2008

Henning Thielemann skrev:
> On Mon, 1 Dec 2008, Emil Axelsson wrote:
>> Or perhaps it's better to put the cell library in its own package? I'm 
>> a bit reluctant to do this, because it means that Wired will be 
>> essentially useless on its own.
> It's more the question, whether a Haskell wrapper to the cell library is 
> useful on its own. I assume yes, and thus it sounds like a good idea to 
> make separate package for a cell library wrapper.

Well, not really. It's not a "Haskell wrapper" in the normal sense where you 
make a Haskell API around some code in another language. A cell library is a 
bunch of cell models in various formats. For example, a VHDL file gives the 
logical models, and another file contains tables with timing data. Wired has its 
own way of modeling cells (a number of classes), and what I've done is to 
translate the cell library data to Wired's model. So if I make it a separate 
package, it would have to depend on Wired.

Of course, it still makes sense to have cell libraries as separate packages (I 
don't want to include every future cell lib in Wired). But I would like at least 
one cell lib to be shipped together with Wired.

/ Emil

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