[Haskell-cafe] language proposal: ad-hoc overloading

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Sun Aug 31 17:10:52 EDT 2008

> Well, I was thinking that way when I was starting learning Haskell.  
> But then I realized that this "feature" would make code much harder to  
> read. Suppose you have different thing all named "insertWith". You've  
> got one somewhere in your program; how do YOU know when looking at the  
> code after a month or so, which one is this? Certainly, given a smart  
> IDE you can ask it; but I think that code should be clear just when  
> you look at it, without any action.

Indeed. Too much overloading can be a lot of trouble.

You can do adhoc overloading already:

    {-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances #-}

    class Adhoc a where adhoc :: a

    instance Adhoc ((a->b)->([a]->[b])) where adhoc = map
    instance Adhoc (Maybe a->a)         where adhoc = maybe (error "wrong number") id
    instance Adhoc [Char]               where adhoc = "hello, world"
    instance Adhoc (String->IO ())      where adhoc = print

    main :: IO ()
    main = adhoc (adhoc (adhoc . Just :: Char -> Char) (adhoc :: String) :: String)

I hope this also demonstrates why it is usually a bad idea, even if
it often looks good in theory. If you're not convinced yet, play with
this kind of code in practice.

The "well-typed programs don't go wrong" of static type checking 
depends on a clear separation of "right" and "wrong". If your use of
types allows anything to be a valid program, minor variations in code
will no longer be caught by the type system: at best, you'll get "missing
instance", more likely you'll get "too many possibilities", and at worst,
the code will simply do something different.
> What CAN be useful is, IMHO, to make your IDE substitute this "M."s  
> for you when you type.

haskellmode for Vim does that (though it isn't type aware, so you
get a larger menu of possible completions than necessary).


[1] http://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/~cr3/toolbox/haskell/Vim/

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