[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] Compiler Construction course using Haskell?

Johan Jeuring johanj at cs.uu.nl
Sun Aug 31 14:52:24 EDT 2008

Dear Johannes,

Besides the IPT course, we also teach a course hat used to be called
grammars and parsing. This course is taken before the compiler
construction course. In this course we deal with parser combinators,
datatypes, folds, first and follow, LL(1), and some more stuff, all
in Haskell. The lecture notes are available from the webpage for the


The web page is in Dutch, but the lecture notes are in English.

All the best,


On 20 Aug 2008, at 21:47, Johannes Waldmann wrote:

> Thanks for all the pointers. This is very useful.
> On parsers: yes, LL/LR theory and table-based parsers have been
> developed for a reason and it's no easy decision to throw them out.
> Still, even Parsec kind of computes the FIRST sets?
> And - I positively hate preprocessors.
> I really want my domain specific languages embedded
> because I want to use Haskell's types, functions, modules etc.
> for the domain specific objects (parsers, AST walkers, etc.)
> Best regards, J.W.
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