[Haskell-cafe] ANN: gsl-random 0.1 and monte-carlo-0.1

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Aug 28 12:56:21 EDT 2008

> Hi everyone,
> I've started on bindings for the random number generators and random  
> distributions provided by the gsl.  The package is available here:
> http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/gsl-random
> I've also written a monad and transformer for doing monte carlo  
> computations that uses gsl-random internally.  Here is that package:
> http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/monte-carlo
> For a quick tutorial in the latter package, see my blog:
> http://quantile95.com/2008/08/27/a-monte-carlo-monad-for-haskell/
> There is also a more complicated example in the "examples" directory.   
> Currently, only normal, uniform, and poisson random variables are  
> supported.  I have no plans to add anything else unless I need it, but  
> I will happily accept patches if someone else is willing to do the work.
> One thing you may need to watch out for is that gsl-random needs to  
> link with cblas.  If your cblas is not called "cblas", you may have to  
> edit "gsl-random.cabal" to get things to work correctly.  To use the  
> cblas that comes with the gsl, change "cblas" to "gslcblas".  To use  
> ATLAS, change "cblas" to "cblas atlas".

Arch packages available here,


Note I had to patch gsl-random's .cabal file to not explicitly look for
extra libs in /opt/local/lib. The exact path (if any) should be cabal
(or ./configure's) job, I think.

-- Don

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