[Haskell-cafe] Associative Commutative Unification

Matthieu Sozeau mattam at mattam.org
Wed Aug 27 17:29:36 EDT 2008

Le 12 juil. 08 à 04:02, John D. Ramsdell a écrit :

>> CIMe[1] might be useful to solve the generated diophantine equations.
> It also has AC unification, and it probably wouldn't be all that hard
> to translate our code into OCaml.  I think CiME isn't supported
> anymore.  Still it's worth considering.  It's quite large.  The source
> distribution compiled effortlessly on Ubuntu.  That's about all I know
> now.

CIMe 2 is not maintained anymore, but a third version is in the works,  

-- Matthieu
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