[Haskell-cafe] darcs weekly news #1

Eric Kow eric.kow at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 06:44:06 EDT 2008

Hi everybody,

I thought it would be useful if we got back into the habit up
summarising our weekly darcs activities.  This is the first
entry of what I hope to be Darcs Weekly News.

Note that I have also Bcc'ed the Haskell Cafe; which I
will not be doing everytime, but just this once :-)

News and discussions
hacking sprint (25/26 October)
  We are now planning three sites for the upcoming darcs hacking sprint:
  Brighton (moved from Cambridge), Paris and Portland.  More news as we
  finalise the venues in the next two weeks!

performance benchmarking
  Eric is working on integrating performance regression testing into the
  darcs buildbot.  The progress is slow but steady!

darcs 2 real world comparison
  Jason analyses a comparison of darcs push between 1.0.9 and 2.0.2.

darcs weekly news
  Most of darcs weekly news is automated, but we still need human
  editors! To help out,
  darcs get http://code.haskell.org/darcs/darcs-news

Issues resolved in the last two weeks (5)
* issue115 (Dmitry Kurochkin)
  match patches touching given files.

* issue823 (Dmitry Kurochkin)
  do not exit on keyboard interrupt when getting patches.

* issue936 (Dmitry Kurochkin)
  fix type witnesses configure check.

* issue950 (David Roundy)
  fix fix_filepath to work with --repodir (and add test demonstrating this).

* issue995 (Dmitry Kurochkin)
  changes --context : {--human-readable,--xml-output} have no effect.

Patches applied in the last two weeks (69)
2008-08-25 Jason Dagit
 minor refator to get_extra improve comments

2008-08-25 Eric Kow
 Same ChangeLog entries since 2.0.2
 Some more globally ignored changes.

2008-08-24 David Roundy
 Simplify filepath handling, cutting lots of hardly-used code.
 don't bother computing path when checking prereqs (since we now can
handle looking at beginning/ending working directories).
 resolve issue950: fix fix_filepath to work with --repodir (and add
test demonstrating this).
 eliminate fix_flag.
 add new framework for ensuring that certain arguments are converted
to absolute paths.
 make Darcs.Lock functions accept FilePathLike arguments.
 refactor maybeMkSubPath very slightly.
 refactor repoPath very slightly.
 make makeAbsolute behavior match comment.

2008-08-22 Dmitry Kurochkin
 Fix makeAbsolute to work with '../foo' paths.

2008-08-22 David Roundy
 move withCurrentDirectory, withTempDir and withPermDir
 rewrite mkAbsolutePath to be safe.

2008-08-22 Eric Kow
 Changelog (ignore 'Add a test entries')

2008-08-22 David Roundy
 resolve conflicts.

2008-08-19 Dmitry Kurochkin
 Resolve issue936: fix type witnesses configure check.
 Use forkIO in URL module as suggested by Simon Marlow.
 Remove HTTP.copyUrl, integrate it to URL module.
 More URL module refactoring.

2008-08-22 Eric Kow
 Canonize Nathaniel Filardo and Simon Marlow.
 Add test case for issue966 (from Dan Pascu's bug report)

2008-08-21 David Roundy
 remove trailing whitespace.

2008-08-21 Dmitry Kurochkin
 Documentation for match touch primitive.
 Resolve issue115: match patches touching given files.

2008-08-22 Eric Kow
 Remove unused FileSystem module.

2008-08-20 David Roundy
 fix type witnesses in with_selected_patch_from_repo.
 clean up bugs functions (eliminate darcsBug.h).

2008-08-19 Jason Dagit
 Fix a bug with incorrectly specified with_selecte_patch_from_repository.

2008-08-19 Dmitry Kurochkin
 Remove HTTP.exists, use Autoconf.have_HTTP instead.

2008-08-19 David Roundy
 fix improper use of bug in HTTP.

2008-08-19 Dmitry Kurochkin
 Do not import HTTP module in Darcs.Bug, use bug and debugFail for
error reporting in HTTP module.

2008-08-19 David Roundy
 fix incompatibility with ghc 6.6.
 make scan_bundle create a lazy patch bundle.
 resolve conflicts with Darcs.Ordered change.

2008-08-15 Jason Dagit
 replace separate_middle_last_from_first and
separate_last_from_first_middle with get_choices
 correct a bug in with_selected_patches_from_repository
 refine type witnesses in SelectChanges
 make WhatsNew work with type witnesses
 major refactor of SelectChanges to work with type witnesses

2008-08-16 nwf at cs.jhu.edu
 Move Darcs.Patch.Ordered to Darcs.Ordered since it isn't patchy

2008-08-19 Simon Marlow
 Fix use of threadWaitRead on Windows
 Fix Windows build

2008-08-17 Dmitry Kurochkin
 URL module refactoring.
 Do not compile curl support if libwww is enabled.
 URL.hs: always import debugFail, again.
 URL.hs: call debugFail when download fails.
 URL.hs: debug messages.
 Spacing in Darcs/Commands/Changes.lhs
 Rename catchInt to catchInterrupt, better message when get is interrupted.
 Resolve issue995: changes --context : {--human-readable,--xml-output}
have no effect.

2008-08-18 Eric Kow
 Add test for issue1017 (as suggested by Bjorn Bringert)

2008-08-19 David Roundy
 don't print "Wrote patch to -" when writing patch to stdout.
 always send with context.

2008-08-18 Eric Kow
 Tidy up known failing shell tests.
 Tidy up failing test for issue1013.
 Move hidden conflicts bug to tests directory.
 Add failing test for issue1012 (Simon Marlow).

2008-08-15 Dmitry Kurochkin
 Resolve issue823: do not exit on keyboard interrupt when getting patches.

2008-08-14 David Roundy
 fix buggy comments in bugs/identical-patches.sh.

2008-08-13 Eric Kow
 Add Ian's identical-patch test case.

2008-08-13 Dmitry Kurochkin
 URL.hs: store only URL in waitToStart queue.

2008-08-14 Eric Kow
 Add (failing) test for issue944.

2008-08-13 nwf at cs.jhu.edu
 Split Cache mostly out of Darsc/Repository/Prefs into its own file (take 2)

2008-08-13 Jason Dagit
 remove a few unsightly functions

2008-08-13 Dmitry Kurochkin
 Fix URL module bug with pipelining enabled.
 Minor change to URL module.
 Enable pipelining by default, add --disable-pipelining option (issue838).

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