[Haskell-cafe] Pure hashtable library

Thomas Davie tom.davie at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 05:26:05 EDT 2008

On 27 Aug 2008, at 10:39, Bayley, Alistair wrote:

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>> 	>   Much better efficiency in what way?
>> 	instead of going through many levels of tree/trie,
>> lookup function will just select array element by hash value
>> and look through a few elements in assoc list:
>> 	data HT a b = HT (a->Int)               -- hash function
>> 	                 (Array Int [(a,b)])
>> 	HT.lookup (HT hash arr) a   =   List.lookup (arr!hash a) a
>> Which makes two assumptions.  One is that your array is big
>> enough (believable), and the other, that your font is big enough.
>> ... and the other, that your font is big enough.
> Que? This is lost on me. Care to explain?

Sorry, I probably should have sent that, it was a dig at the fact that  
the message was sent with all the text in font-size 930 or so.


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