[Haskell-cafe] ANN: The Monad.Reader - Issue 11

Wouter Swierstra wss at cs.nott.ac.uk
Mon Aug 25 04:28:43 EDT 2008

I am pleased to announce that a new issue of The Monad.Reader is now  


Issue 11 consists of the following three articles:

* David F. Place
	How to Refold a Map

* Kenneth Knowles
	First-Order Logic a la Carte

* Douglas M. Auclair
	MonadPlus: What a Super Monad!

The Monad.Reader is a quarterly magazine about functional programming.  
It is less formal than a journal, but a bit more enduring than a wiki  
page or blog post.

If you'd like to write something for the next issue of The  
Monad.Reader, please get in touch. I haven't fixed the deadline for  
the next issue just yet. Expect a deadline early 2009.


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