[Haskell-cafe] PRE-ANNOUNCE: cabal-debian (automatically debianize cabal packages)

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Fri Aug 22 04:57:04 EDT 2008

Christopher Lane Hinson <lane at downstairspeople.org> writes:

> Having a debianized cabal-install would be the biggest win in my book.  If
> there were an unofficial debianized mirror of hackage, I probably wouldn't
> use it anyway.

I might.  I generally want to use newer versions of development stuff
(i.e. Haskell libraries etc) than is available in official repos.
Were there an unofficial, cutting edge repo at hackage, I could just
add it to my sources.list, instead of compiling stuff myself from
darcs repos or hackage tarballs.

Even if we only get a handful of users, this would be an important
testing stage for packages before submitting them to official Debian
(and Ubuntu) repos.

I'm all for it.

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