[Haskell-cafe] PRE-ANNOUNCE: cabal-debian (automatically debianize cabal packages)

Christopher Lane Hinson lane at downstairspeople.org
Thu Aug 21 20:52:00 EDT 2008

> Can the Debian/Haskell interest parties say something about
> who's doing what in this area? Is there hope for a concrete
> effort to import large numbers of hackage apps and tools into Debian?
> -- Don

I'm not a DD, but I think uploading ~500 hackage packages to debian would
be a bit of a no-no.  Debian packages are expected to have active
maintainers both upstream and on the debian side, and to build without a
hitch on ten different architectures, or they don't make it into stable
and the DD responsible gets whined at.

Having a debianized cabal-install would be the biggest win in my book.  If
there were an unofficial debianized mirror of hackage, I probably wouldn't
use it anyway.


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