[Haskell-cafe] Houston-area FPers?

Austin Seipp mad.one at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 11:17:01 EDT 2008


In less than a week I'll be moving to Houston TX in order to start
school at university (University of Houston.) I'm wondering if there
are any functional programmers (particularly haskellers) in that part
of the state? If so, a group meeting and perhaps eventually a
user-group would be lovely - if only to chat and talk about what
everybody is working on for the time being until something more formal
can be set up.

I'm posting this a little early to try and get the most responses
possible - unfortunately at the moment I will not have my own mode of
transportation around town (see: car) and I'm not a houston native as
you can see, so it will take time for me to get up to speed with college
*and* getting around town, but if anybody is in that area I'd like to
hear back from you.


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