[Haskell-cafe] Bug with QuickCheck 1.1 and GHC 6.8.2

Patrick Perry patperry at stanford.edu
Wed Aug 13 19:19:06 EDT 2008

I'm running into problems with generating an arbitrary function of  
type Double -> Double.  Specifically, the following code:

{-# LANGUAGE PatternSignatures #-}
import Test.QuickCheck
import Text.Show.Functions

prop_ok (f :: Double -> Double) =
     f (-5.5) `seq` True

prop_bug (f :: Double -> Double) =
     f (-5.6) `seq` True

main = do
     putStr "prop_ok:\t"  >> quickCheck prop_ok
     putStr "prop_bug:\t" >> quickCheck prop_bug

On an Intel Core 2 Duo running Mac OS 10.5.4 with GHC 6.8.2 the output  
I get is

prop_ok:	OK, passed 100 tests.
prop_bug:	Test: Prelude.(!!): negative index

On Intel Xeon running RedHat with GHC 6.8.2 both tests hang.

Has anyone seen this before?  Is it fixed in QuickCheck2?



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