[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 81 - August 13, 2008

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Wed Aug 13 11:27:50 EDT 2008

Haskell Weekly News
Issue 81 - August 13, 2008

   Welcome to issue 81 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   This week saw some interesting talks at [2]AngloHaskell, and some cool
   new packages to hit Hackage, like [3]Language.C, [4]AERN-Real, [5]FTGL,
   and [6]Hoogle. What are you waiting for? Get out there and build


   Initial release of Language.C (language-c-0.3). Benedikt Huber
   [7]announced the [8]first release of [9]Language.C, a library for
   analysing and generating C code. This release features a reasonably
   well tested parser, a pretty printer, and a preview of the analysis

   darcs roadmap. Jason Dagit [10]wrote to the list to thank everyone for
   their support for darcs, and to announce a webpage with a [11]roadmap
   for future darcs features. Darcs is alive and well!

   Anglo Haskell 2008 -- slides and audio. Matthew Sackman [12]announced
   that [13]slides and audio from Anglo Haskell 2008 are now available.

   BLAS bindings for haskell, version 0.5. Patrick Perry [14]announced a
   new release of the Haskell BLAS bindings, including a number of new
   features and improvements.

   Tutorial on information visualization and visual analytics in Haskell.
   Jefferson Heard [15]announced the [16]tutorial he will be presenting at
   DEFUN 2008, to give everyone a sneak peek at the long version of the
   tutorial before he's done with it. Comments and questions are welcome
   and encouraged.

   interval and polynomial enclosure arithmetics. Michal Konecny
   [17]announced the release of the [18]AERN-Real and [19]AERN-RnToRm
   packages, which model and reasonably efficiently implement exact real

   FTGL 1.0. Portable truetype font rendering in OpenGL. Jefferson Heard
   [20]announced the release of [21]Haskell bindings to FTGL, an easy to
   use library for portable rendering of TrueType fonts in OpenGL.

Google Summer of Code

   Progress updates from participants in the 2008 [22]Google Summer of

   GHC plugins. Max Bolingbroke is working on dynamically loaded plugins
   for GHC. [23]This week, he gave [24]a talk at AngloHaskell.

   Language.C. Benedikt Huber (visq) is [25]working on Language.C, a
   standalone parser/pretty printer library for C99. This week, he
   [26]announced the [27]first release of the [28]Language.C package.

   Hoogle 4. Neil Mitchell (ndm) is working on [29]Hoogle 4. [30]This
   week, he released several [31]command-line versions and a [32]web
   version of Hoogle 4, updated the manual, and gave [33]a talk at
   AngloHaskell. Next week, he plans to work on generating better Hoogle
   databases, and some bug fixes.

   DPH physics engine. Roman Cheplyaka (Feuerbach) is working on a
   [34]physics engine using [35]Data Parallel Haskell. [36]This week, he
   added complete support for general polyhedra, and fixed some bugs in
   the collision handler. He also added support for bounding spheres,
   although the results so far are disappointing, due to delays in the GHC
   implementation of parallel arrays. Next week, he plans to implement
   static bodies and BSP trees.

   Generic tries. Jamie Brandon is working on a library for efficient maps
   using generalized tries.

   GHC API. Thomas Schilling (nominolo) is working on [37]improvements to
   the GHC API.

   Cabal dependency framework. Andrea Vezzosi (Saizan) is working on a
   [38]make-like dependency analysis framework for Cabal.

Blog noise

   [39]Haskell news from the [40]blogosphere.
     * >>> Nicholas Lativy: [41]Haskell in less than five minutes.
       Nicholas refreshes his memory of Haskell.
     * Douglas M. Auclair (geophf): [42]Monoid use.
     * Roman Cheplyaka: [43]Status report: week 11-12.
     * Douglas M. Auclair (geophf): [44]Combinatory Birds as Types.
     * Douglas M. Auclair (geophf): [45]Getting Better, part ][.
     * Neil Mitchell: [46]GSoC Hoogle: Week 11.
     * Max Bolingbroke: [47]Compiler Plugins AngloHaskell Talk.
     * London Haskell Users Group: [48]Video: Paradise, a DSEL for
       Derivatives Pricing.
     * Roman Cheplyaka (Feuerbach): [49]Compiling GHC. Roman records his
       experiences building the latest development version of GHC.
     * Luke Palmer: [50]Mindfuck: The Reverse State Monad.
     * Dan Piponi (sigfpe): [51]Untangling with Continued Fractions: Part
     * Joachim Breitner: [52]Xmonad on my mobile phone.
     * Luke Palmer: [53]Composable Input for Fruit.
     * >>> Louis: [54]A Gentle Introduction to Haskell. Louis is learning
       Haskell by working through the Gentle Introduction.
     * >>> Bryan St. Amour: [55]Some Project Euler. Bryan learns some
       Haskell the good old-fashioned way---by solving Project Euler
     * Magnus Therning: [56]TagSoup, meet Parsec!. Magnus uses Parsec to
       parse streams of tags.
     * Thomas M. DuBuisson: [57]hsXenCtrl and pureMD5.
     * Alpheccar: [58]Haskell, iPhone and Biotech.
     * >>> codeflow: [59]About AI and neural networks. codeflow implements
       neural networks in Haskell for some soccer-playing AI software.
     * >>> Vincent Kriek: [60]And the winner is.... Vincent decides to
       stick with xmonad.
     * >>> Matthew Trinneer: [61]A New Paradigm - Haskell and HAppS.

Quotes of the Week

     * Anatoly Yakovenko: theory doesn't scare me. i am using haskell
       after all, so i am used to reading long winded papers.
     * bwr: mapM_ putStrLn$reverse[(++)([1..y-30]>>" ")$concat$map([" ","
       /", " -", "

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