[Haskell-cafe] GLfloat on a Mac

Conor McBride conor at strictlypositive.org
Tue Aug 12 05:11:49 EDT 2008

Hi folks

I thought I'd try a bit of OpenGL. Perhaps I should
send this to the more specific list, but perhaps
other people are, like me, trying out a variety of
UI technology. I thought I'd give OpenGL a go, because
I saw the name whizz by when I upgraded to 6.8.3. I
found the tutorial and got copy-paste cracking.

It was all going swimmingly while I did almost nothing,
but then ghc started dying on me. I chopped down my
failing code to this joyous specimen:

HelloWorld.lhs contains


 > module Main where

 > import Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL
 > import Graphics.UI.GLUT

 > myFloat :: GLfloat
 > myFloat = 0.0

 > main = return ()


$ ghc -package GLUT HelloWorld.lhs -o HelloWorld
Illegal instruction

I'm using ghc 6.8.3 on a Mac PowerBook G4. Googling
"OpenGL illegal instruction" produced an unending
choice of horror stories.

What message am I not getting? Is there some crucial
manual I'm not reading? Is there something which we
should be being told on the relevant wiki page?



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