[Haskell-cafe] Future of Darcs: Thanks for the poll responses and increase in contributors

Jason Dagit dagit at codersbase.com
Sat Aug 9 23:15:35 EDT 2008


I just wanted to thank everyone that has shown their support for darcs
recently by either stopping by #darcs on freenode or joining in discussions
on the darcs-user mailing list.  I'm cross posting to haskell-cafe because I
suspect many of you came from there.

There has been a lot of enthusiasm from people, a lot of discussion about
patch theory and excitement about fixing bugs and performance issues.
Several people have taken an interest in making darcs work flawlessly on the
GHC repository (yes, I know they have already commited to switching, but it
gives a great test case to improve on).

Eric Kow and myself have been working on a roadmap for future darcs
improvements, and we plan to annouce an official version soon.  The
tentative one can be found here:

Mainly I just wanted to say, Thanks!  We're considering the feedback we
received from the poll and the future of darcs is not uncertain and we'll do
a better job of communicating that message in the future.

Now, back to hacking on darcs!

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