[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 80 - August 6, 2008

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Wed Aug 6 11:03:26 EDT 2008

Haskell Weekly News
Issue 80 - August 6, 2008

   Welcome to issue 80 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

Community News

   Brent Yorgey (byorgey, your friendly neighborhood HWN editor) has
   completed a move to Philadelphia and looks forward to starting a PhD in
   the programming languages group at U Penn next month.

   Roman Cheplyaka (Feuerbach) won second prize at the 2008
   [2]International Mathematics Competition!


   prof2dot, version 0.4.1. Gregory Wright [3]announced the release of
   prof2dot, a graphical profiling tool for use with GHC. prof2dot is a
   filter that takes the profiling output generated by running a
   GHC-compiled program with the "+RTS -pix -RTS", option and turns it
   into a graphviz dot file.

   GHC switching to git. Simon Marlow [4]announced that the GHC team has
   made the decision to switch the version control system hosting the GHC
   repository from darcs to git.

   Haddock 2.2.1. David Waern [5]announced the release of version 2.2.1 of
   Haddock, the Haskell documentation tool.

   Haskore tutorial. jinjing is creating [6]a Haskore tutorial while
   learning it. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

   Hoogle 4 beta. Neil Mitchell [7]announced the availability of beta
   versions of Hoogle 4, both a [8]web client and [9]command-line version.
   Testing and [10]feedback welcome!

   Design your own xmonad shirt. David Lazar has prepared a design on
   [11]spreadshirt under Designs > Computer > Programming. Choose the
   color and other formatting and get your very own custom xmonad shirt!

Google Summer of Code

   Progress updates from participants in the 2008 [12]Google Summer of

   Generic tries. Jamie Brandon is working on a library for efficient maps
   using generalized tries. This week, he has worked on implementing AVL
   trees and has created several [13]more [14]benchmarks.

   Hoogle 4. Neil Mitchell (ndm) is working on [15]Hoogle 4. [16]This
   week, he finished up type search, which now gives much better results
   than Hoogle 3. He also [17]released a [18]public beta version of the
   command-line interface. [19]Bug reports or feature requests are

   DPH physics engine. Roman Cheplyaka (Feuerbach) is working on a
   [20]physics engine using [21]Data Parallel Haskell. [22]Last week, he
   won second prize at the 2008 International Mathematics Competition;
   while he was away he also found time to read several papers on broad
   phase collision detection and to begin thinking about [23]general
   convex polyhedra.

   GHC plugins. Max Bolingbroke is working on dynamically loaded plugins
   for GHC.

   Cabal dependency framework. Andrea Vezzosi (Saizan) is working on a
   [24]make-like dependency analysis framework for Cabal.

   Language.C. Benedikt Huber (visq) is [25]working on Language.C, a
   standalone parser/pretty printer library for C99.

   GHC API. Thomas Schilling (nominolo) is working on [26]improvements to
   the GHC API.


   poll: how can we help you contribute to darcs?. Eric Kow (kowey)
   [27]asked how the darcs team could better encourage more people to
   contribute, precipitating a long and productive discussion with many
   good suggestions.


   Lectureship in Functional Programming, Nottingham. Graham Hutton
   [28]announced an opening for a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the
   Functional Programming Lab in Nottingham, a recently formed research
   group that comprises Thorsten Altenkirch, Graham Hutton, Henrik
   Nilsson, four research fellows, and eleven PhD students. Applications
   from the Haskell community are encouraged! The closing date for
   applications is Friday, 15th August 2008.

Blog noise

   [29]Haskell news from the [30]blogosphere.
     * Roman Cheplyaka: [31]Physics and polyhedra.
     * Chris Done: [32]Kibro: Haskell, lighttpd and fastcgi.
     * Neil Mitchell: [33]Hoogle 4.0 web client preview.
     * >>> Sven Heyll: [34]Lazy Evaluation (there be dragons and basement
     * Clifford Beshers: [35]Two-dimensional zip.
     * Brent Yorgey: [36]Philadelphia!.
     * Luke Plant: [37]Haskell API docs suck. A lot..
     * Neil Mitchell: [38]Hoogle 4.0 release (beta, command line).
     * Mikael Johansson (Syzygy-): [39]The end of the line.
     * Jamie Brandon: [40]Yet more mini benchmarks.
     * Douglas M. Auclair (geophf): [41]Combinators in Haskell.
     * Holumbus: [42]Search Packages.
     * Douglas M. Auclair (geophf): [43]How do I get better?.
     * Neil Mitchell: [44]GSoC Hoogle: Week 10.
     * Dan Piponi (sigfpe): [45]Hopf Algebra = Group + Monad.
     * >>> Ayumilove: [46]Haskell Programming Tutorial Part 4.
     * Douglas M. Auclair (geophf): [47]Trivial Monad solutions.
     * Douglas M. Auclair (geophf): [48]Trivial Monad solutions (cont.).
     * Douglas M. Auclair (geophf): [49]Orators' exercise.
     * Roman Cheplyaka: [50]Status report: week 9-10. 
     * Matthew Sackman: [51]Reflections on the ICFP Programming Contest
     * Jamie Brandon: [52]More benchmarks.
     * Chris Done: [53]GHCi on Acid (GOA).
     * Audrey Tang: [54]Pugs now builds again from SVN..
     * "FP Lunch": [55]An ad-hoc approach to productive definitions.
     * Ketil Malde: [56]A plan for Bloom filters.
     * Audrey Tang: [57]Pugs.hs is back..
     * Holumbus: [58]OpenSearch Available Again.

Quotes of the Week

     * shepheb: don't forget YMCArray
     * matthew-_: you know I increasingly think I'm a very bad haskell
       programmer - I spend all my time programming at the type level,
       which is basically untyped. So I just write untyped programs, that
       happen to run at compile time.
     * SyntaxNinja: just picture monads as tiny, silly, luminous, and
       devious sprites who fly around your haskell code carrying state
       from one piece of code to another. I don't think that'll help, but
       it can't hurt.
     * poetix: Avoiding lambdas is pointless <-- *groan*
     * kzm: My program contains a bug. How ungrateful, after all I've done
       for it.
     * sw17ch: FunPtrs do not live up to their name

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