[Haskell-cafe] Stripping text of xml tags and special symbols

Pieter Laeremans pieter at laeremans.org
Tue Aug 5 17:21:43 EDT 2008

I  've got a lot of files which I need to proces in order to make them
indexable by sphinx.
The files contain the data of a website with a custom perl based cms.
 Unfortunatly they sometimes contain xml/html tags like <i>

And since most of the texts are in dutch and some are in French they also
contain a lot of special characters like ë é, ...

I'm trying to replace the custom based perl based cms by a haskell one.  And
I would like to add search capability. Since someone wrote sphinx
bindings a few weeks ago I thought I try that.

But transforming the files in something that sphinx seems a challenge.  Most
special character problems seem to go aways when I  use encodeString
on the indexable data.

But the sphinx indexer complains that the xml isn't valid.  When I look at
the errors this seems due to some documents containing not well formed
I would like to use a programmatic solution to this problem.

And is there some haskell function which converts special tokens lik & ->
&amp; and é -> &egu; ?

thanks in advance,


Pieter Laeremans <pieter at laeremans.org>

"The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet." W. Gibson
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