[darcs-users] [Haskell-cafe] Re: poll: how can we help you contribute to darcs?

David Bremner bremner at unb.ca
Sun Aug 3 10:36:36 EDT 2008

At Sun, 3 Aug 2008 12:23:21 +0100,
Ashley Moran wrote:
> GitHub is responsible for git's popularity.  Git is so popular not
> because it's the best, but because it has the best Web 2.0 site.  I
> work primarily in web development and it did occur to me to have a
> stab at darcshub, but I didn't know how much work would be involved in
> making something useful (I don't have much spare time right now), and
> if I'd be the only person that used it...

I think this view is probably coloured by your background in web
development. I have used git for about a year now, and never visited
GitHub.  I'm not saying you have to like git, but it does have other
features other than a snazzy web site.  

I do agree that adoption of development tools is driven by network
effects.  When I chose a DVCS to learn, I only wanted to learn one, so
I chose the one that seemed like it had the most momentum. The rich
get richer...

Maybe the answer is to work on Darcs-git :-)


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