[Haskell-cafe] code review? store server, 220loc.

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Sun Aug 3 06:29:45 EDT 2008

> newsham:
>> Anyone interested in critiquing some code?  I'm looking for ideas
>> for making it faster and/or simpler:
> What optimisation and runtime flags did you use (-threaded or not?)

currently "ghc -O --make $< -o $@".  For some measurements I tried
-threaded which seemed to have a slight slowdown and +RTS -N2 at
runtime which didnt seem to help.  I also ran some tests with
multiple clients running concurrently, and it seemed to handle them
at approximately the same rate with and without the threaded and
RTS flags (on an amd64x2).  Those flags should have allowed it to
handle two client connections (via forkIO) concurrently, right?

[ps: the same web directory has test clients and other versions of
the server.]

Tim Newsham

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