[Haskell-cafe] code review? store server, 220loc.

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Sun Aug 3 01:13:07 EDT 2008

Anyone interested in critiquing some code?  I'm looking for ideas
for making it faster and/or simpler:


This is an exercise to see how well a server in Haskell would perform.
My goals are roughly:
     - retargetability to other server types (ie. easy to
       replace request and response structures and business logic).
     - readability.
     - performance.

My measurements show that a simple dummy server (accept, forkio,
recv byte) handles roughly 7500 requests/connects per second,
the server/client that do real messages do about 4500 req and
connections per second.  If all requests are on the same connection
one after another it does about 13500 requests/second.  For
comparisons, a C ping-pong server does about 3600/second if
it has to fork for each new connection/request, and about 35000/sec
if its all on the same connection.  So it seems at least competitive
with a forking C server.  I havent tested threaded C servers.

Tim Newsham

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