[Haskell-cafe] Help me refactor this type!

Ryan Ingram ryani.spam at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 19:10:21 EDT 2008

More FRP stuff: a new type for Future that came to me in an
inspiration this morning.  But it's ugly and I need someone with
better theoretical underpinnings than me to tell me what I've really
built :)

data Future t a =
    Known t a
  | Unknown (t -> IO (STM (Maybe (Future t a))))

Given Eq t, Ord t, Bounded t, this type is at least member of Monad,
Applicative, Functor, and MonadPlus/Monoid.  But the derivation gives
me that "needs refactoring" feeling; here's an example:

force :: (Ord t, Bounded t) => Future t a -> IO (t, a)
force (Known t a) = return (t, a)
force (Unknown f) = do
    stmF <- f maxBound
    mF <- atomically stmF
    case mF of
        Nothing -> return (maxBound, error "never")
        Just fut' -> force fut'

delayF :: Ord t => t -> Future t a -> Future t a
delayF t0 (Known t a) = Known (max t0 t) a
delayF t0 (Unknown f) = Unknown $ \t -> fmap (fmap (fmap (delayF t0))) (f t)

instance (Ord t, Bounded t) => Monad (Future t) where
    return = Known minBound
    Known t a >>= g = delayF t (g a)
    Unknown f >>= g = Unknown $ \t -> do -- IO
        stmF <- f t
        return $ do -- STM
            mF <- stmF
            return $ do -- Maybe
                fut' <- mF
                return (fut' >>= g)

This code makes me sad; so many nested blocks.  There's got to be a
refactoring of this that I am missing!

It's clearly got something to do with Fix, Either, ReaderT, and
MaybeT, and type composition, but none of those seem to answer the
whole question.

Any thoughts?

  -- ryan

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