[Haskell-cafe] Parallel weirdness [new insights]

Bulat Ziganshin bulat.ziganshin at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 15:54:28 EDT 2008

Hello Andrew,

Sunday, April 20, 2008, 11:41:52 PM, you wrote:

yes, GC behavior has significant impact on any new language (i mean
java, c#, f# and so on)

> 1. Does running the GC force all threads to stop? I know some GC designs
> do this, but I have no idea how the one GHC implements works.


> 2. Is the GC still single-threaded? (GHC 6.8.2 here.)

yes. multi-threaded GC is planned gor next ghc version, afair

> 3. Is there any way for a running Haskell program to find out how much
> heap space is currently allocated / used / free?

i think it's possible by asking internal RTS vars. SM once suggested
to add to GHC library that provides official way to ask this info but
no volunteer was happen :)

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