[Haskell-cafe] Ann: Win32-notify 0.1

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at serpentine.com
Sun Apr 20 12:22:21 EDT 2008

Niklas Broberg wrote:

> So API suggestions would be most welcome!

Your challenge will lie in finding an API that can be implemented
efficiently on all concerned platforms.  I don't know what the
characteristics of the Windows or OS X notification APIs are, but if you
use inotify on Linux, and you immediately issue a read every time select
tells you there's something to be read, you'll easily consume 70% of a
CPU when the filesystem gets busy.

With a little guile, you can reduce that overhead by two orders of
magnitude, to a fraction of a percent.  It's not all that easy to do
this well, but using inotify naively is so crippling that you must do
it.  Any higher-level API must account for factors like this.


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