[Haskell-cafe] Re: Embedding newlines into a string?

Benjamin L. Russell dekudekuplex at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 18 03:54:56 EDT 2008


--- "Ariel J. Birnbaum" <valgarv at gmx.net> wrote:

> > Things to avoid - HaskellWiki - 7 Related Links:
> >
> The link was broken (it had an extra chunk of '-
> Haskell Wiki' ;) )
> so I fixed it.

Thank you; sorry about the broken link.

> For that matter, the "Common Hugs
> Messages" link is
> broken too but I can't seem to find the page it
> should point to.

I just fixed it.  It was supposed to be an external
link to the following Web page:

Some common Hugs error messages

I discovered that link originally under the following
subsection of HaskellWiki:

Learning Haskell - 2 Material - 2.9 Reference

This time, I have checked my updated link to verify
that it works. ;-)

Benjamin L. Russell

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