[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: Generic Haskell 1.80 (Emerald)

Pablo Nogueira pablo at babel.ls.fi.upm.es
Mon Apr 14 04:49:14 EDT 2008

> This has certainly been taken into account when comparing approaches to
>  generic programming. I quote from page 18/19 from the work you and Bulat

Indeed I was not aware of it. Missed that. Thanks for pointing it out!

>  Thus, full reflexivity of an approach is taken into account. This suggests
>  constrained types are part of Haskell98. So, I'm a bit confused at the
>  moment as well.

After reading the Haskell 98 report more carefully I think constrained
types are part of Haskell98. The syntax for algebraic datatype
declarations given is:

 > data cx => T u1 ... uk = K1 t11 ... t1k1 | ...| Kn tn1 ... tnkn

Certainly, they are implemented in a peculiar way, with constraints
associated with value constructors and not the type, perhaps to keep
the class and kinds orthogonal (eg, the BinTree type has * -> * kind
instead of Ord -> * kind).

At any rate, this has been discussed before in other threads.
Thanks Thomas for your help

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