[Haskell-cafe] library version problem

Brent Yorgey byorgey at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 10:17:26 EDT 2008

On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 4:45 PM, Galchin, Vasili <vigalchin at gmail.com>

> Right I am just trying to rebuild the unix package. No matter what version
> is present in the unix.cabal file,
> runhaskell Setup.hs configure
> produces an error concerning unix-

Have you tried doing a 'runhaskell Setup.hs clean' first?  You should also
try unregistering the unix-2.3 package (ghc-pkg unregister unix-

> Starting to get really frustrated over this. I just want to build a Unix
> package test case .. and now I can't even build the unix package itself.
>  ghc-pkg seems to be at the center of this problem because the problem
> seems to have to deal with the package database.
> 1) On Linux(Ubuntu) where is the package database?

The global package database should be somewhere like


on my system it is in /usr/local/lib/ghc-6.8.2/package.conf.

The local (user) package database is in something like

> 2) If ghc-pkg is indeed a Haskell program, how can I get the source to
> better understand the problem I am encountering on my own?

It is part of the ghc source, in utils/ghc-pkg.

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