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Brent Yorgey byorgey at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 14:20:40 EDT 2008

> Is GHC required to be installed on the target OS I compile Haskell
> binaries for in order for these binaries to run? I need a quick answer on
> that!

Nope!  As long as they're compiled for the right architecture, GHC-produced
binaries should run anywhere, whether GHC is there or not.  This is true for
any compiler that produces native binaries (as opposed to certain languages
which require a virtual machine...)

> By the way there is no computer in the 4 or so networks I have online
> access to on which ghc is not installed, which might be a sign

people like haskell here in Heidelberg/Mannheim, Germany.

Cool! =)  It's probably also a sign of the great work various people have
done packaging GHC for various package systems.

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