[Haskell-cafe] Longest increasing subsequence

Matt Amos matt at asklater.com
Thu Apr 10 13:20:49 EDT 2008

I'm trying to break out of my imperative mind-set by learning Haskell 
in small snippets. After a few successes I've hit a bit of a 
roadblock with one of the classic dynamic programming problems, the 
longest increasing subsequence:


The most efficient algorithm relies on destructive updates, so a 
simple translation doesn't seem possible. I've been trying to think of 
a way of removing the need for destructive updates while keeping the 
efficiency, but so far without much luck. Ideally, I'd like to avoid 
threading the whole thing with a state monad, since then it would 
just be an imperative algorithm in disguise.

Any suggestions would be very gratefully appreciated.



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