[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Hayoo! beta 0.1

Timo B. Hübel t.h at gmx.info
Tue Apr 8 15:36:57 EDT 2008

> However, I have found two bugs, or annoyances:
> Using Opera 9.27 or Internet Explorer 7,
> - Search results vanish when using the "back" button

Yes, that is a known problem. Although I have no good idea how to solve this 
while keeping the AJAX stuff (that is, find as you type).

> - the "Source" and ghc docs links always take me to the top of the pages,
> it seems the anchors don't work.

Hm, there is nothing special about these. Plain <a> tags with an anchor, no 
fancy JavaScript stuff. Perhaps these browsers are generally irritated by 
inserting something into the DOM using JavaScript ...

> In Firefox these problems do not appear.

Yes, and FF is what we recommend right now, as everything "just works". But 
I'll try to improve browser compatibility in future releases.

> Keep up the good work!

We'll try ;)


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