[Haskell-cafe] mostly for Neil: tagsoup problems

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 12:43:40 EDT 2008

Hi Magnus,

> Does the cabal file for Tagsoup require a version of Cabal newer than 1.1.6?
> In case it does it doesn't say so.  I suspect this is the cause of the
> rather cryptic error message: "setup: tagsoup.cabal:20: 'Executable' stanza
> starting with field 'ghc-options'".

The version in the darcs repo has a Cabal-Version field, asking for
1.2 or above. I'll try and make a new release with this change
included in the next week.

> I also noticed that the Haddock-umentation on Neil's side is for version
> 0.1, while Hackage has version 0.4.  I was rather confused by that at first,
> since the module names had changed :)

Woops. I had linked directly to the haddock of the central module,
rather than the haddock index. I will fix this later today.



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