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Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
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Dear Haskell Cafe members

Here's an open-ended question about Haskell vs Scheme.  Don't forget to cc Douglas in your replies; he may not be on this list (yet)!


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In your most humble opinion, what's the difference between Haskell and
Scheme?  What does Haskell achieve that Scheme does not?  Is the choice less
to do with the language, and more to do with the compiler?  Haskell is a
pure functional programming language; whereas Scheme is a functional
language, does the word "pure" set Haskell that much apart from Scheme?  I
enjoy Haskell.  I enjoy reading your papers on parallelism using Haskell.
How can one answer the question--why choose Haskell over Scheme?



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